Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is responsible for all venue and personnel needs for the Idaho Falls Symphony. Attendance at evening rehearsals and weekend concerts is required; office hours can be flexible. This is a part-time hourly position (approximately 25 hours per week; starting rate is $12-14/hour) with high motivation to grow to full-time with proven success.


  • Must be able to work in the United States.

  • Must be a high school graduate.

  • Must have a working knowledge of orchestras, its repertoire, and the associated instrumental/personnel needs.

  • Must have regular access to a computer, laptop, or smartphone capable of frequent email correspondence.

  • Must be able to commit to approximately 25 hours per week, with evening and weekend requirements scheduled months in advance. 2019-2020 season can be previewed here. Availability for all concert sets is required.

  • Must be legally able to drive in the State of Idaho due to transportation of equipment between venues.

  • Must be able to transport percussion equipment, music stands, electric keyboards, etc. (with assistance if needed).

  • Specific job duties are listed below.

the ideal candidate

The ideal candidate has experience in an orchestral setting and knows how to maintain decorum in rehearsal and performance environments; is comfortable collaborating with co-workers through the Google suite of products (Sheets, Docs, Drive, Google Calendar, and G-Mail) and is able to use a computer without assistance; has experience with event logistics and/or venue booking; can begin at least partial training during rehearsals for the The Triumph of Shostakovich, April 19-27th; and has a reliable vehicle that can transport some musical instruments, music stands, etc. when needed (not frequently). Please address your experiences or abilities with these items in your cover letter.

to apply

A brief cover letter (specifically addressing the items above, a late-April 2019 start date, and your availability for all rehearsal & concert sets for 2019-2020) and professional resume (Google Doc, Microsoft Word or PDF) are due by April 1, 2019, emailed to search@ifsymphony.org. Only correct, complete emailed applications will be considered. Interviews will be selected and scheduled by April 5, and we hope to complete them by April 12.



Typically take place in the late summer/early fall of each year.

  • Coordinate the audition process for the replacement or addition of permanent orchestra musicians.

  • Secure candidate requirements, audition schedules, and music selections from Music Director.

  • Set-up, facilitate, and tear-down at annual auditions for the Idaho Falls Symphony.


Contracting takes place over the summer. Documentation and payroll takes place throughout the season.

  • Act in a human resources capacity for orchestra personnel and serve as liaison between musicians, the music director, and management.

  • Collect all employment paperwork from new hires and assure that employment records are kept up to date. This includes verifying addresses and contact information throughout the season.

  • Create annual contract documents and distribute them to all musicians. Track responses and generate rosters for each concert per availability. Update seating with information provided by principals and Music Director.

  • Secure from librarian instrumentation needs of each piece performed.

  • Maintain select list of players suitable for hire as extras or substitutes.

    • Hire extra and substitute musicians, with the approval of the Music Director, consistent with orchestra's artistic standards and Executive Director's guidelines, as necessitated by repertoire and player absence.

  • Ensure that staff musicians and extra and substitute players receive timely and accurate compensation; track payroll variations including doubling, extra services, overtime, extra and substitute players, and small ensemble payments.

  • Complete attendance sheets for each service.

  • Secure all necessary submission and approvals for personnel payment.


Typically weeknights, 7:00-9:30pm. Some Saturday morning rehearsals may be required.

  • Communicate with booking staff at venues the season listing of rehearsals and concerts for both the Idaho Falls Symphony and Idaho Falls Youth Symphony. Serve as the contact person for venue staff and IFS staff when questions and issues arise.

  • Verify accuracy of schedule throughout the season in billing statements received from venues.

  • Maintain and update Google Calendar listing of events in conjunction with the Executive Director.

  • Communicate set-up and equipment needs to the venue well in advance of rehearsals and maintain contact with venue staff to assure that rehearsal preparation will be handled properly.

    • Transport proper equipment to off-site venues as needed, specifically percussion equipment and electronic keyboard to the Colonial theater and Freeman Park. (The IFS will pay for the booking of a U-Haul van, but it is the responsibility of the Operations Manager to pick up the van, transport the equipment/instruments, and return the van to U-Haul.)

  • Communicate confirmed roster and rehearsal schedule, with approval of the Music Director, to musicians via email and respond to requests for clarification if necessary.

  • Arrive to all Idaho Falls Symphony rehearsal and performance venues at least ninety minutes prior to the start of the service to verify correct configuration of chairs, stands, equipment (including percussion), etc.

    • In concert sets that include multiple rehearsals consecutively in the same space, an adjusted start time can be accommodated if there is no extensive set-up.

  • Log significant events in connection with rehearsals or concerts such as attendance, complaints, tardiness, failure to wear appropriate dress, general deportment, and HVAC problems.

  • Respond to conductor and musician requests, problems, and issues arising out of or in connection with an imminent service in a manner consistent with past practice, IFS Employee Handbook, and IFS standards; communicate such events to the Executive Director as soon as possible for collaboration and final approval of action to be taken.

  • Coordinate changes in seating, on-call musicians, and engagement of last-minute substitutes due to unscheduled absence or tardiness.

  • Make personnel announcements at rehearsals as required.


Most concerts are on Saturday nights and start at 7:30pm. There are exceptions.

  • Serve as Back of House manager at concerts.

  • Communicate with technical crew about lighting needs during the show.

  • Communicate with Music Director, Executive Director, musicians, soloist(s) and guest speakers to assure flow of concert stays on schedule.

  • Assist with set-up or tear-down during performances as needed to support existing technical staff.


Some weekly hours worked in the Idaho Falls Symphony office are necessary outside of concert weeks. Office hours are 11am-4pm, but specific scheduling can be accommodated.

  • Attend the dress rehearsals and concerts for the Idaho Falls Youth Symphony to assist the Education Coordinator with set-up and production needs.

    • Additional help may be needed at IFYS rehearsals and auditions, to be determined based on availability.

  • Provide basic customer service while working during office hours by being cross-trained to sell tickets and problem-solve common ticket-buying and website issues.

    • May be expected to answer the phone or assist with walk-ins during high traffic times.

Grant support for the Idaho Falls Symphony’s general operating expenses has been generously provided by the following organizations. To view sponsors of individual events, visit the event page for each event or our thank you page. We appreciate all of the support we receive!